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Nostalgic – My most memorable Train Journey

It was the year 2015. Chennai yans may remember the year for one reason. Not that I do not. I too was at Chennai then and was a victim of the Chennai floods, though on the obtuse side of it. I, however,  recall the year for another reason. It was June and the sun was steaming the Chennai sky, without giving a clue of what might happen six months down the time. It was 6 th of the month. I and my husband always had friends and families join us on our holidays. That morning, my collegiate sisters had come to my home for their vacation. We had 3 days of blissful fun – shopping & outings, cool nights spent watching movies on the balcony, dancing in the rain on the terrace, taking snaps with crazy outfits & make ups and pranking my entire family online. It all ended abruptly when we met with an accident on the way to Kovalam Beach, on the evening of the third day. No no, I’m not writing a tragic story here and not gonna tell you that I remember the year for that acci

Alienation – a Story

What can being completely in mobiles and internet do to us? Alienation - a withdrawal from society. Recently I was at a restaurant for dinner. It was bustling with activity. Waiters were moving around taking orders and delivering food. Friends and families were partying around happily. Breathing in the joyous mode, I sat down at my booked table with my friend. We had a tiring day at office and wanna have a relaxed dinner. After ordering food we indulged in a chit-chat about the day and were laughing out the stress. A family trio took a table beside us. The mom looked young and stylish. The dad was kind of a 360 degree business man fully attending calls right from the moment he walked-in. They looked rich and posh. Their baby girl was so cute and adorable, should be 1 -2 yrs old. She was seated in a high chair in-between her parents. My friend always loved playing with kids. She turned around and was simply cooing with the kid making some funny faces and the kid smiled

Nature – a Creativity Kindler

Invention from a Spiky Seed It was 6 in the morning when I got up from bed today. It was so cool and wonderful to see nature at its best. I walked out of home at 6.15 for a morning jog, in the park beside my home. Few other people where already there inhaling the morning freshness. As I jogged, I passed by a mom and a kid. The little girl was tugging at something in her jenkins. I observed that a spiked seed had got stuck in her cloth and she was trying to remove it off. She won after a little struggle and the spiky seed came off balling pieces of thread from her dress.  I jogged on capturing the scene.  The brief episode sparked my memory on something I had read in a website a few days back, under the title Nature Inspired Inventions. The author had discussed how great inventors have taken inspiration from nature to create some awesome everyday products.  The article said, a Swiss electrical engineer,  George de Mestral, had invented Velcro , after experiencing a

Beauty of reality

Someone once said, "Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like." How conscious are we to the world around us? Every day we wake up to realize the world remains the same as we left it the day before we went to sleep. History remains unchanged, future remains uncertain and the present bestows the same pattern of living everyday - one that is filled with challenges . Emotional challenges, intriguing moments and hurting circumstances are common in every single person's day-to-day life. When we give into it, we react frantically and grieve inconsolably. Everyone wants happiness but somehow couldn't see where it actually exists. Somewhere between what we see and what we want to see, we lose ourselves to the circumstances, and forget to realize, the happiness we deserve is just there within us. The moment of losing m