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Mummy's Yummy Drink

" Once upon a time it got conceived, but only today the stars aligned for its release". I'm talking about this post 👅... stayed longer in my draft. Anyway, here it is, come and taste the yummy drink with me.  A little of my lockdown story, before that. Blessedly, a couple of days before the lock-down announcement in March, we drove to my Mum's place. Times are difficult now with all the COVID news and cases disturbing our senses. Yet being under the same roof with parents and siblings, spending our hard times together, is something I wouldn't trade anything for. 2020 has turned out as an unbelievable year so far. Forever etched in the world book as the indelible year of the century. Can't thank you enough, Mr. Corona!... He is everywhere, on every channel, intruding everybody's peace, spreading its life-sucking tentacles over the swollen world and slowly munching over its already weakening economy. However, its arrival has also insinuated that there are a