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A Day in Paradise

"Isn't that the brilliant of beats", I heard the Goddess in turquoise whisper in my head, as we strode along the glittering path of diamonds, stretched through the valley of golden daffodils, where the fairies, Amber and Opal, danced and sang in merriment to the delight of the morning breeze.  Sounds poetic, right? Like a fairyland from Alice in wonderland... I wouldn't blame you if you trade it as unusual stuff. But, believe me , that place is as real as you and me! Only I've exaggerated it a LITTLE  😉.  That goddess I described earlier in  turquoise  is a beautiful sea and the  fairies  are... well, you'll have to continue reading to know what they are.  First, here's a kutty poem I wrote about that place. I was there at that place, only yesterday, And mystified by the Goddess's display. With her glissandos and glorified upbeat, She made hearts leap and legs dance to her beat. Look what she has done to me.. Turned me into a Frost, Only it