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Nostalgic – My most memorable Train Journey

It was the year 2015. Chennai yans may remember the year for one reason. Not that I do not. I too was at Chennai then and was a victim of the Chennai floods, though on the obtuse side of it. I, however,  recall the year for another reason. It was June and the sun was steaming the Chennai sky, without giving a clue of what might happen six months down the time. It was 6 th of the month. I and my husband always had friends and families join us on our holidays. That morning, my collegiate sisters had come to my home for their vacation. We had 3 days of blissful fun – shopping & outings, cool nights spent watching movies on the balcony, dancing in the rain on the terrace, taking snaps with crazy outfits & make ups and pranking my entire family online. It all ended abruptly when we met with an accident on the way to Kovalam Beach, on the evening of the third day. No no, I’m not writing a tragic story here and not gonna tell you that I remember the year for that acci