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Alienation – a Story

What can being completely in mobiles and internet do to us? Alienation - a withdrawal from society. Recently I was at a restaurant for dinner. It was bustling with activity. Waiters were moving around taking orders and delivering food. Friends and families were partying around happily. Breathing in the joyous mode, I sat down at my booked table with my friend. We had a tiring day at office and wanna have a relaxed dinner. After ordering food we indulged in a chit-chat about the day and were laughing out the stress. A family trio took a table beside us. The mom looked young and stylish. The dad was kind of a 360 degree business man fully attending calls right from the moment he walked-in. They looked rich and posh. Their baby girl was so cute and adorable, should be 1 -2 yrs old. She was seated in a high chair in-between her parents. My friend always loved playing with kids. She turned around and was simply cooing with the kid making some funny faces and the kid smiled

Nature – a Creativity Kindler

Invention from a Spiky Seed It was 6 in the morning when I got up from bed today. It was so cool and wonderful to see nature at its best. I walked out of home at 6.15 for a morning jog, in the park beside my home. Few other people where already there inhaling the morning freshness. As I jogged, I passed by a mom and a kid. The little girl was tugging at something in her jenkins. I observed that a spiked seed had got stuck in her cloth and she was trying to remove it off. She won after a little struggle and the spiky seed came off balling pieces of thread from her dress.  I jogged on capturing the scene.  The brief episode sparked my memory on something I had read in a website a few days back, under the title Nature Inspired Inventions. The author had discussed how great inventors have taken inspiration from nature to create some awesome everyday products.  The article said, a Swiss electrical engineer,  George de Mestral, had invented Velcro , after experiencing a