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My Priceless Silver Hair

"Meji, look your silver hair has arrived!" I crane my neck through my classroom window to see the familiar Silver Hair protruding above my school's compound wall. My eyes warms-up and lips widen in delight. Time to go home. Papa has arrived. Those were my school-days. Papa used to pick me on his grey Bajaj scooter. I called it my school boat. If you grew up in 90's you would know my fascination for papa's scooter. Every day after school, I would wait for him either in my classroom or under the mango tree. His hair level, a good score above my school's compound wall, would hint me his arrival.  I had always caught him perform a meticulous rhythm while he waited; removing his helmet, balancing it on the scooter head, p ulling a comb from the pocket, brushing his hair thrice, setting them in place with his hands, and waiting without getting off his bike.  Have you watched the tennis famous Rafael Nadal's rhythmic pre-serve routines? Nadal touches 9 parts of h
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Mummy's Yummy Drink

" Once upon a time it got conceived, but only today the stars aligned for its release". I'm talking about this post 👅... stayed longer in my draft. Anyway, here it is, come and taste the yummy drink with me.  A little of my lockdown story, before that. Blessedly, a couple of days before the lock-down announcement in March, we drove to my Mum's place. Times are difficult now with all the COVID news and cases disturbing our senses. Yet being under the same roof with parents and siblings, spending our hard times together, is something I wouldn't trade anything for. 2020 has turned out as an unbelievable year so far. Forever etched in the world book as the indelible year of the century. Can't thank you enough, Mr. Corona!... He is everywhere, on every channel, intruding everybody's peace, spreading its life-sucking tentacles over the swollen world and slowly munching over its already weakening economy. However, its arrival has also insinuated that there are a

A Day in Paradise

"Isn't that the brilliant of beats", I heard the Goddess in turquoise whisper in my head, as we strode along the glittering path of diamonds, stretched through the valley of golden daffodils, where the fairies, Amber and Opal, danced and sang in merriment to the delight of the morning breeze.  Sounds poetic, right? Like a fairyland from Alice in wonderland... I wouldn't blame you if you trade it as unusual stuff. But, believe me , that place is as real as you and me! Only I've exaggerated it a LITTLE  😉.  That goddess I described earlier in  turquoise  is a beautiful sea and the  fairies  are... well, you'll have to continue reading to know what they are.  First, here's a kutty poem I wrote about that place. I was there at that place, only yesterday, And mystified by the Goddess's display. With her glissandos and glorified upbeat, She made hearts leap and legs dance to her beat. Look what she has done to me.. Turned me into a Frost, Only it

The Story of a Not-Mom

“Hold the baby, it’s a boy!” said the lady and handed me a peeing baby. It was a Sunday. The service just ended and I was walking out the door. A good old neighbor lady walked past me with her daughter-in-law and her two-month-old grandson. I greeted her with good wishes, just like everyone does on a Sunday morning after Church. She should have pitied me, I guess. Her action proved that. On my greetings, she grabbed her  pee ing grandson from her daughter-in-law and handed him to me right in time for the infant to wet my dress. The scene was both fun and embarrassing. Have you ever heard people say “it’s good luck if a newborn pees on you”? It’s a tradition here and in many other cultures too. Probably it came about as a way to console you when you get  pee d on. But somehow it grew hands and legs on its own and now someone has put a  bindi  to it. Yeah! Now it means “if you don’t have a baby and got to hold a  pee ing one, you’ll be blessed with a baby soon”.

Pollachi Impacts - Internet Unsafe for Women?

“Don’t post those pictures on Facebook”, were my mom’s welcoming words as I hugged her capturing the joyous moment on my smartphone. I was at my parent's for a weeklong stay and those were the first of many chants that followed. The same warning went to my sister as well who was in her college and quite active on social media. Thankfully I didn't get to hear what she had to hear, “Remove your dance video from YouTube, change your Whatsapp status, tie up your hair, no loose hair, don’t wear makeup…etc.” Looking plain and removing profile pictures are a mother’s way of protecting her girl from the immoral psychopaths. The repercussions of the #Pollachi abuse is massive and today I’m particularly addressing the lighter note of the issue (but what's alleged to be the base) - women’s presence in the social media. #PollachiSexualAbuse has caused a whirlwind in Tamil Nadu. So much for the land that’s known for respecting the chastity of women. What a shame!! And